Our next Joyshop is planned for Oct 13-14. To Register, call us on 832-886-0323 or write to us at deepa@iimacademy.com.


Inspired and Ignited Minds Academy (IIMA) strives to Inspire Minds and Ignite the Spark of Brilliance within every individual we touch.

We are Inspired to help achieve the potential that each human has within themselves by using cutting edge technology.

At IIMA we intend to help, support and challenge  young adults to experience the potential of the human Mind.

Trainings for Children between ages 6 – 17 and Adults from 18-100:

  • SESP – Super Enhancement of Sensory Perceptions
  • AASP – Advanced Activation of Sensory Perceptions
  • QSPR- Quantum Sensory Perceptions Reading