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Some Testimonials from Parents:

Testimonial 1: Father Son duo traveled from Canada to attend the workshop

My son and I attended Deepa’s Mid-Brain Activation Joyshop because I had seen videos of children reading with blindfolds on and because in previous interactions with Deepa I could see that she really cared about maximizing children’s potential. Watching my own son read blindfolded after only one weekend and watching his skills improve over the subsequent weeks, I have greater certainty in the power of the human brain and the human mind. I am now more inspired to do the exercises that I might be able to do this too!


Pediatric Pulmonologist


Testimonial 2: Mother of our youngest participant (7 year old)

Deepa, Thank you for taking up mid brain activation workshop. I knew its benefit as one of my niece had attended in India and was looking forward to Jahnavi attending it too. You have not only exceeded my expectations working with my child during the 2 day workshop but in follow up sessions as well. I particularly liked your attention to every child, involvement with them and the way you conducted the work shop. It was lot of fun for Jahnavi and learning too. I see Jahnavi doing lot of things blindfolded like identifying colors, numbers, reading her books but I am most impressed by the other changes I see in her. Although it has been just few weeks but I already see her getting more confident, mature and increase in her focus level and excitedly anticipating more such changes. Aarti


Testimonial 3: 2 Siblings attended our Joyshop together

Dear Deepa,

Thank you for your time and dedication during the mid brain activation workshop. You have gone above and beyond what I expected in working with my children. Including,  the amount of time spent and your dedication to seeing each child’s success. Sawyer (8) is now able to identify colors, numbers and some letters with his blindfold on.  Sidney (11) is able to identify colors with her blindfold.


For me, the most amazing part of the work is the way my children’s behavior is changing without the blindfold.  They are showing such self confidence and maturity at home and with their schoolwork.  They are making decisions with ease and organizing their time so efficiently.  They are doing this all on their own.  My daughter moved into middle school this year and she is making the transition so easily.  I am excited to see how they will continue to change and grow.

My only question is… when is the adult class?

Much Love,



Testimonial 4: Feedback from a Mom whose son attended our Joyshop.

Dear Deepa Ji

I would like to thank you for the great job you did presenting the wonderful concept to kids and their parents. Adit is now identifying colours, numbers, and reading with the blindfold on. The program provides a wonderful experience for kids. You are so inspirational and informative and giving her best.

One more time thank you for the great job you are doing its a great work.



Testimonial 5:

Hi Deepa,

I m very surprised to see my daughters progress in focusing. The doctors diagnosed her with ADHD. She is having trouble focusing and finishing her task. When I tried your SESP program I m impressed with her activities on a daily basis. She used to have hard time to coordinate her movements in dance. Just after 3 days of practice of SESP activity her performance has improved on her muscle memory in her dance steps. I m amazed to see the improvement in her daily routine as well. you are an awesome teacher.
Thank you

Sincerely, Parvathy Sharma Director at Brazos Montessori Child Care Center

Testimonial 6:

Dear Deepa,
I am filled with a deep sense of gratitude for you and the incredible gift of the midbrain workshop. To have such a profound and unique training available in our area is really quite wonderful.

I was hopeful for the results of the midbrain workshop for my son and was not disappointed. He is steadily progressing in his schoolwork and approaching obstacles in a thoughtful manner. He is taking responsibility for his actions and asking probing questions when he doesn’t understand things. The workshop and subsequent support sessions have given My son a sense of responsibility for his own life and actions. The astounding and almost unbelievable things he can now do from the workshop and support sessions (identifying colors and numbers, reading, playing games and even doing homework blindfolded) have given Him a huge sense of empowerment. In this, he has rediscovered his confidence. I see my child illuminate with this confidence and potential.

What’s more, the attention you so fully give each child has shown my child what passion for doing something you love looks like. Somehow, you train our children in a lifelong gift and make it FUN! My son respects and appreciates you in ways he has not connected with other adults outside of the family. Thank you for this love you share and your dedication to this program.

With much love and appreciation,

Another Testimonial
“Nikki began reading just before her midbrain activation. Since participating in midbrain activation, she is now reading beyond her grade level and correctly reading words she has not yet learned the phonetics for. Interestingly, when reading or speaking with out her blindfold, she pronounces -ed words with the -ed sound. When blindfolded, she blends the sounds. For example “talked” not blindfolded is pronounced “talk-ed”. Blindfolded is pronounced as usual, “talked”. Emotionally, she is less bothered by “teasing” from others and will instead speak honestly as to how she feels instead of crying.”