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I have already enrolled my child in Kumon/ Abacus/ Mental Maths/ Other activities, will this still be useful?

Yes. This program will help in overall development of the child. There will not be any conflict with studies/ other programs. This is a complimentary program and will help the child to be better in every field, not only in academics (concentration, reading speed, grasping) but also other activities and also improves traits like confidence, stage performance, calmness, etc. This has been observed by many parents who have enrolled their kid in the program.

My child doesn’t sit at one place, how will s/he be able to attend two full day session?

We create a fun filled learning environment and the children enjoy attending this program. Focus of this course is on calmness of mind and this increases the attention span and focus. You will see your child sitting through the workshops and also doing blind fold exercises for 15-20 mins at a stretch.

Will this have any negative impact on the child?

We do not expect any negative impact. After the Course, the right brain (responsible for long-term memory) and other parts of the brain would have improved. This is a combination of Brain development techniques developed with music therapy.

What will be in impact on academics and how soon can impact be seen?

Different kids respond differently but each child will show positive change. Some changes can be observed in the first week itself and most times positive impact on studies can be observed in the first few months. We request the parents to keep a conscious awareness in this period and keep us informed.

What is the right age of child for this program?

Guideline is from 5 to 15 years, though this can be little flexible. Contact us for further information.

What if my child is not able to do blind fold activities?

In case child is not able to identify the 4 basic colors at the end of day 2 and parents are advised to continue through the follow up sessions. For getting full benefits, you need to have your child practice every day for 15-20 minutes and attend all the scheduled follow up sessions. This is a skill for a lifetime once the follow up sessions are attended.

What does the training fees cover?

Fees would cover the following –

  • 2 day training program
  • 8 follow up sessions scheduled over following 8 weeks post training
  • A practice kit

Is there any practice material given to child to practice at home during/ after the program?

Yes. Practice kit will be given with proper instructions to practice at home. This comprises of the material that child would need for 8 weeks and beyond.

What after completion of 8 weeks?

We will be in constant touch with parents during this 8 week program and we provide an individual one hour session with the parents to guide them on further activities after 8 weeks. You can also reach us over email or phone if any support is needed post 8 weeks. There are advanced level courses also available that you child can attend thereafter.

I am planning to travel and my child will miss few follow ups, how will s/he recover that?

We can accommodate your child in any other scheduled follow up sessions. You can reach out to your training instructor for the same.

Can parents accompany kids in the program?

Children need to pay full attention and concentrate during the workshop. Therefore, parents are not allowed to be in the classroom in order to avoid distraction to the children. Parents are invited in the last 1 hour of 2nd day of workshop to their see child performing and also for a session to understand the practice requirements for following 8 weeks.

Will the benefits of the program disappear after this gets over?

Program benefits stay with the child and get better with regular practice.

Is this only one program or there are different programs which we can choose from?

For entry level this is the only program. There are advance level programs and the registrations for that can be done only after successful completion of this program.

What is the eligibility of advance level programs?

Regular practice of 8-12 weeks after attending 2 day basic SESP.